Synopsis of Tethered Through Time

Shannon can’t begin to imagine how the old letters she found hidden in her grandmother’s attic brought her to a world of victory rolls, big-band music, and trench warfare. Captivated by the grace of the 1940s and intrigued by the love story of her great-grandparents, Thomas and Colette, Shannon discovers that she alone may hold the key to preventing Thomas’s violent death on the battlefield, which tore him from Colette and their baby daughter far too soon. The unreality of her situation was far too much to comprehend, yet the pull of knowing the truth about her family, especially her mother’s untimely death, was impossible to avoid. In a body she doesn’t recognize, in a war she’s only read about, Shannon chooses to fight so that Thomas might live.

When the scars of the war she dips in and out of become too much to bear alone, whom can she trust with this unbelievable secret? Her grandmother would think her crazy, and she was clearly hiding something.  Her intoxicatingly gorgeous boyfriend, Erik, who made her stomach do somersaults with just one glance, might bolt in the other direction. The only person who wouldn’t immediately dial adolescent psychiatry on her was Timmy, her dearest friend since elementary school. But ever since she’d started dating Erik, Tim had made himself scarce.

In a desperate attempt to save their friendship and reunite her great-grandfather with his family, Shannon risks everything and shares her time-travel secret with Tim, changing their relationship forever and pushing her jealous boyfriend over the edge. She’d always sensed something dangerous about Erik beyond his playboy reputation, but little does she know Erik has his own dark secret. With so much to lose, Shannon quickly learns that some things are better left alone, except when they’re worth dying for.