Weekly Update: Why Place Matters

“There is something really inspiring about creating a scene or setting from a place you feel connected to. If you can bring it to life for your readers, you can reveal a hidden part of yourself and let them in on a little piece of who you are.”  

-Brigette Gallagher

I had a terrific time in Maine and Massachusetts…even visited the place Edward and Lucille Trainor, my inspirations for “Tethered Through Time,” were married!  My trip was so exciting! Not only was I able to visit family, but I was also able to see this beautiful church that Shannon gets to experience her great-grandparents’ wedding day in: The Immaculate Conception Church in Salem, Massachusetts.

I also got to take the family to Salem Willows and enjoy some ice cream and kettle corn exactly where Colette’s little “talk” with Shannon altered their relationship so drastically. I picture them looking out over the water just like my family and I were doing here.

As always, it was great to get back home and see family once again. The cool New England breeze from the Atlantic on my face was just icing in the cake!

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